Personnel in ECMEC is the combination of key and experienced members working together for more than 10 years in different projects like The Manor, Saigon Pearl, First Solar, Trang Tien Plaza, ... with enthusiastic engineers and young staff team.
ECMEC has its headquarters based in Hanoi and a branch in Ho Chi Minh City to meet the customers demand in these two biggest cities and the surrounding regions. Its technical staffs are graduated from pres-tigious engineering universities such as Polytechnic University, University of Pedagogic and Engineering, Industrial University, ect. Most of our construction workers are trained directly in the colleges, vocational schools and have experiences in projects requiring high technical standards and safety. Besides our office staff in other departments is a dynamic, dedicated team.
The company personnel is about 300 people with over 30 engineers working in different projects, 30 office staffs in various departments and more than 200 workers working in the projects and mechanical processing shops. We keep on with new recruitment to meet the human needs for projects in the company development progress. With the horizontal administration model taking staff as the center, we recruit and empower the skilled employees for autonomy and development of their utmost management ability, especially the project manager positions. Knowledge, management skill, soft skill, professional training is also the policy in our long-term strategy to improve the staff quality. In an environment of transparency and equality, employees are encouraged to share freely, to contribute the best idea for system optimization.