The building site is the main working place of almost all members and associates -where there is a potential risk of accidents, occupational diseases for people directly involved in the labor. With full awareness and compassion, we are liable to take care of our members as relatives, so that they can get home safely after every working day.
Therefore, we are committed to:

1. Provide labor protective equipment for staff; guide and monitor such usage. Provide new labor protective equipment base on requirement.
2. All employees involved in the project were trained on safety to increase the identification skill of the risks to get the optimal construction measures and use reasonable protective equipment in order to eliminate the risk of wok site accidents.
3. No ECMEC employee is forced to work in a working environment without labor safety, light and oxygen; they are entitled to refuse and report to the managers for any unsafe feeling of insecure situations.
4. The tools and equipment are routinely inspected, maintained, newly purchased to ensure all the times the security status at use.
5. Build and update the labor safety manual and make sure each worker can get an easy access.
6. Voluntary compliance with the safety regulations of the State authorities, the owner and the supervising consultant at each involved project.
7. We much appreciate the contribution of workers to the company business then all employees even only working in a short-term period are given with a 24/24 workers' compensation insurance.
8. Health is the most precious capital, each ECMEC employee will get a periodic health check-up once a year and have the vacation policy, support consistent with illness case.
9. Control and limit the maximum noise, dirt in-site; keep cleanness at work, building site; discharge garbage in the allowed place.
10. Communicate the information of environmental protection consciousness, electricity, water and working means saving.

The labor, health and environment policy is informed to each ECMEC member for understanding and imple-mentation. Periodical analysis and evaluation are made for better improvement.