Our main activity is to provide technical services. We are aware the improvement of the quality through the construction, erection, maintenance will create value to sticking with customers who in turn will spread our business network.
Therefore, the Board of Directors is committed to:

1. Apply the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 to every building project and to every department. Periodic analysis, evaluation to      ensure the maintenance and improvement of the implementation.
2. The entire team of ECMEC was trained for ISO awareness; got internal training so as to be equipped with full knowledge and skills to meet and comply with the requirements of work quality.
3. The quality policy is a written, updated one; all employees are informed of the quality policy and can reach it easily.
4. Subject to the project scale, the Company will build a suitable quality management system on the base of the common quality policy promulgated by the company. Quality policy for each project will be mutually discussed, accepted and aware to ensure the enforcement.
5. Provide resources and finance to ensure the quality plan for every defined project.
6. Equip full tools, equipment and apply new technologies suitable to the company to improve the construc-tion quality.
7. Listen and understand comments, feedbacks from customers, partners.

The quality policy will be evaluated, updated periodically to suit the actual situation of operation, the compa-ny business development and general development trend of the times.