Our main field of activity is providing technical services, realizing that improving quality in construction, installation and maintenance activities will create value to stick with customers and spread the word.
business network by its own customers.

That's why we are committed
1. Apply ISO 9001:2008 quality management system to each construction project and department
ban. Periodically analyze and evaluate to ensure maintenance and improvement of implementation.
2. The entire ECMEC team has received ISO awareness training, internal training so that each person has been
fully equipped with knowledge and skills to meet and comply with job quality requirements.
3. The quality policy is documented and updated and all employees are communicated about it
quality and easily accessible books.
4. Listening to understand customers in order to contribute to improving and improving service quality.
5. Provide resources and finance to ensure the quality plan for each proposed project.
6. Fully equipped with tools and equipment and apply new technologies suitable to the company to improve quality
construction quantity.
The quality policy will be periodically evaluated and updated to match the actual situation of operations, development and maintenance
the company's business development and the general development trend of the times