The construction site is the main workplace for the majority of members and associates - a place with many potential risks of accidents and occupational diseases for those directly involved in the work.
With full awareness and compassion, our responsibility to each of our members is to take care of them like family, so that every employee can leave safely after each working day.

We are therefore committed to:

1. Equip employees with knowledge of occupational safety by internal training programs and intensive courses from external educational institutions.
2. Provide personal protective equipment for each worker and additional protective equipment for other specific jobs on the construction site.
3. No ECMEC employee is pressured to work in an unsafe working environment. They have the right to refuse and report to the management or the safety department when they feel unsafe with the working situation encountered.
4. All tools, tools, construction machinery and equipment are periodically checked and maintained, regularly renewed to always be in a safe state when using.
5. Develop and issue an HSE plan to guide action, maintain and evaluate the results of the site department's compliance with occupational safety requirements to improve the effectiveness of occupational safety management.
6. Comply with the laws on occupational safety and health, industry standards and local regulations. Meet and comply with the requirements and regulations of customers on HSE in each participating project.
7. Organize annual periodical health check for all employees. Provide occupational accident insurance for employees working at the construction site.
8. Control and limit dust and noise at the construction site, keep the workplace clean, discharge waste, and dispose of garbage in the right place.

Occupational safety, health and environmental policies are communicated to each ECMEC member for understanding and joint implementation. Periodically analyze and evaluate the results of wrong implementation and propose improvement measures.